Steven F. Kimmel Foundation

Dear Family and Friends,

The Steven F. Kimmel Foundation has been created to honor my father Steven who passed away on June 1st, 2018. My Dad always motivated my siblings and me to be our best to have passion in everything we do. Dad’s own joy for living life to the fullest and persevering despite life’s curveballs has been an inspiration and driven me to be who I am today. My father always encouraged me to try new things, and to venture out of my comfort zone to truly experience what life has to offer. Dad mentored me throughout my life and I greatly benefitted from all that he taught me. He was strong, had confidence and was never afraid to chart a new path, no matter how challenging the task… As I look to him still, even now, I find myself pushing with all that I am to be my best, and to chart a new road every day, no matter how daunting the task.

I am therefore pleased to announce the creation of the Steven F. Kimmel Foundation, Inc., a private, charitable, non-profit corporation that is 501c3-pending. The Foundation is a tangible and meaningful way for me to express my love and appreciation for my father. It will never fill any void, but I am hoping it will assist and enrich the lives of others who are struggling with mental health and whose families are confronted with the lifelong and often times silent battles that accompany mental illness.

The Steven F. Kimmel Foundation is a legacy to Steven’s love for life, family and community. It will serve as a beacon for the community, to guide and enrich the lives of others. SFK will facilitate its own fundraising through donations and events, and will then make financial grants to charitable organizations that encompass our mission. Each year, SFK will support numerous causes and charitable organizations that seek to empower, enrich and de-stigmatize those affected with mental illness.

Thank you for visiting this page and learning about the Steven F. Kimmel Foundation. This is just the beginning of a growing and giving foundation. I encourage you to think about all of the people that have made a true and positive impact on your life. For me, my father Steven provided unconditional love and support that I could always count on and will now cherish forever. The SFK Foundation is dedicated to that principle and will fundraise with only the most genuine motive; to enrich the lives of others.

On behalf of my family and me, we thank you for your love and support.

-Shira Rost

Mental Health is of concern to us all.
Your donation is much appreciated.

Mental Health is of concern to us all, either through our own struggles or those of loved ones. The Steven F. Kimmel Foundation (SFK) was set up to support initiatives for those afflicted with mental health conditions. In our own small way, we feel that we can make a difference.

The Steven F. Kimmel Foundation is a domestic, non-profit corporation, filed in accordance with New Jersey state law, identification number 0450321093. All donations are graciously accepted and much appreciated.